Price and Booking Questions

Can I use my credit card to pay ?


Are service charges included in the price you have given me ?

Yes. Any tips to the driver are entirely at your discretion.

If you have given me a good price, can I think about it a couple of weeks before deciding ?

You can think as long as you like, but there is no guarantee that I will be available when you need it when you have finished thinking. I cannot hold the bookin without a firm order secured by a deposit. You may end up having to pay more with another company if we are no longer available, or in the worst case be unable to find any company available.

Why are there only few prices on your site ?

Because there are many different factors in calculating a price, such as night service, Sunday and bank holiday service, bulky luggage, and number of passengers. A pricelist taking all that into account could easily be more confusing than helpful. Don’t hesitate to ask us what a tour or transfer costs. We know that many of those who ask don’t book for one reason or another, but we are always happy to give you a quote whatever you do next.

Are the prices higher at night and on Sundays and holidays ?

Yes, with some exceptions.

Payment Questions

Can I pay the driver in US dollars or other foreign currency ?

No. Only in Euros or Credit Card

Do you accept traveller’s cheques ?

Questions about what we do and what we don’t

Do you provide luxury sedans, stretch limousines or vintage cars ?

Do you provide any scheduled services ?

Do you drive at night and on Sundays and holidays ?
Yes, most transport companies do, but there are exceptions.

Practical Questions

How do I find you at the airport ?

Unless we tell you otherwise on the voucher, I will wait for you with a sign with your name as close as I can get to the exit from the secure area. This may be at or after the baggage reclaim, depending on the airport layout.

How do I find you at the train station ?

I will tell you where I will wait for you when you book. I will be holding a sign with your name unless otherwise indicated on your voucher.

Should I try to find your car if I can’t see the driver at the airport or train station ?

Except otherwise indicated on your voucher, no, this will only complicate the situation, I will not be waiting for you near the car. Remain at the exit from the secure area if you are at an airport, and look around there. If you are at a train station, please double check that you are the right place, as explained when you booked. If you still can’t find me, please call or text us.

Can we bring three suitcases and a bicycle each ?

I can presume that I will provide space for one large suitcase and one carry-on bag with cabin dimensions per person. If you bring more and you want to be sure there is space enough, you must tell me when you book so I can plan for a large trunk. If the additional luggage fits in the vehicle, whether you mentioned it in advance or not, there is no additional charge. If it does not, you may have to pay for an additional vehicle.

Can we use two seats for three children, keep my baby on my lap or put a boy in the trunk ?
No, it is illegal and dangerous. The driver is legally responsible for the correct seating of children.

Do you provide child seats ?
Yes, at no extra charge. Please ask.

Do you always use the fastest itinerary ?
In most cases yes, but when planning the itinerary, I take into account the driving time, mileage, road tolls, overall cost, safety and comfort. I aim to balance these factors. Any savings are passed on to you. It means that driving time could be a bit longer than the absolute fastest itinerary in certain cases. If speed is an important factor for you, please mention it when booking. The price may in some cases be higher if you ask us to choose the fastest itinerary, as mileage and road tolls can be significantly higher in some cases.

May I smoke in your cars ?

Is it ok to eat an Indian curry takeaway during the trip and wash it down with a couple of beers ?
No, but you can take as many refreshment breaks as you like. Bottled water in the car is tolerated.

May I use my cell phone/smartphone/tablet/laptop underway ?
Yes, but I cannot be held liable for theft.

Must I use a seat belt ?
Yes. Under French law, all passengers must wear seat belts during the journey. In case of a police control, each passenger not wearing a seat belt can be subject to an on-the-spot fine. All seats are equipped with seat belts.

Are the safety standards higher than for private cars ?
Yes, the law obliges transport companies to make annual roadworthiness